Рисовалка.2Д.спектр introduction



Added: 2009-09-08

Developer: phenix
Category: Other
Tags: 2d games 2d shooter 2d graphics c# 2d game best 2d shooters 2d air hockey 2d rubik's cube 2d shapes games modern warfare: 2d stylist 2d stars
The color of the line drawing application for creator imaginative people. Aims to move society forward in terms of painting tools. Better than any other flash/flex brush tool! Better than Photoshop. Easy powerful flexible configurable mouse based appBing colors to your world!
Register in VK.com or Vkontakte.ru social net system to visit this app. Use your mouse to paint and options panel to configure what is painted
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: mouse

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