3D Super Girl(Chinese Version) introduction

To pass, you have to control the little girl removed a certain number of tiles.When you pass the time, there will be a riddle. You can see the answer to this riddle at the end of the next level.In the beginning of the game, you have 2 seconds of invincibility time.When you want to adjust the game perspective by draging the SLIDER, you'd better pause the game.用方向键控制小女孩来回移动消除方块,当消除的方块达到每关的规定比例时,就会过关。游戏一开始,你拥有两秒的无敌时间。游戏有两种模式:动态模式(DYNAMIC)和静态模式(STATIC),使用空格键切换这两种游戏模式。
Arrows to control;Use the spacebar to switch the static mode and dynamic mode;Use the P key to switch the game to pause and run.移动:方向键。暂停: P键。切换游戏模式:空格键。
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: arrow

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