Age of Rogue MMORPG: M Angband introduction

Age of Rogue MMORPG: M Angband is a free online multiplayer real-time roguelike game, derived from famous the single player game Angband.Tasty ASCII style graphics art.To win the game you must build up a character to be powerful enough to defeat Morgoth, Lord of Darkness, who lives in the dungeon 5000 feet below the surface of the town. You have choice of 10 races and 6 classes.You will chart unexplored dungeon passageways, do battle with legendary creatures, and find lost artifacts. This is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game so of course you will encounter many other player - whether they be friend or foe is up to you to decide! Beneath the simple graphics lie worlds of complexity rarely found in other games.
Move character with arrows (left,right,up,down). To move diagonally press two arrows at the same time.Most message windows close after pressing ESC button. If window does not close after ESC then just use the same key you used to open it (works like toggle switch).Exit the game (Ctrl X) - exits the game and save characterHelp (?) Who is online (@) Send a chat message (:)View previous messages (Ctrl P) (press again to close message windows)Party menu (P) Go up staircase (<) Go down staircase (>) Walk (;) Run (.) Inventory list (i) Equipment list (e) Drop an item (d) Destroy an item (k)Wear/Wield equipment (w)Take off equipment (t)Drop gold ($) Pickup an item (,) or (g)Rest (R) Search (s)Toggle search mode (S)Tunnel (T)Open a door or chest (o)Close a door (c)Jam a door (j)Bash a door (B)Disarm a trap or chest (D)Browse a book (b)Gain new spells or prayers (G)Cast a spell (m)Pray a prayer (p) Use ghostly powers (U)Eat some food (E)Fuel your lantern/torch (F)Quaff a potion (q)Read a scroll (r) Inscribe an object ({) Uninscribe an object (}) Activate an artifact (A)Aim a wand (a)Use a staff (u)Zap a rod (z)Fire an item (f)Throw an item (v) Targeting Mode (*) Target friendly target (() Full screen map (M)Browse location (L)Look around (l)Examine an item (I - capital i)Buy or sell a house (h)Check player owned shop inventory (h) Character Description (C) List found artifacts (~) List uniques (|) High scores (#) Game options (=) Quit (commit suicide) (Q or Ctrl C)Steal (J) - Steal (try to) from other players. May get you killed.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na

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