Anime Fighting Jam Wing introduction

This game is the 2nd fighting game of FlashWing Studio,which is based on the engine of KOF-WING.It contains 5 hot animation stars and 1 origional character of FlashWing.There are very cool skills and effects in the game,and it's easy to play,even if you are a new player.
After the game is loaded, click "start" button to start. Press "J" to confirm.
Control Scheme:
W,S,A,D: Move
J,K,L,U,I,O: Attack

Player 1:  A / D - Move. W - Jump. S - Squat. J - Punch. K - Kick. U - Dodge. I - Defend Attack. O - Power Bust. L - Special Attack. Player 2:  Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. up Arrow Key - Jump. Down Arrow Key - Squat. Numpad 1 - Punch. Numpad 2 - Kick. Numpad 4 - Dodge. Numpad 5 - Defend Attack. Numpad 6 - Power Bust. Numpad 3 - Special Attack.

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