Blazing Hoops introduction

Blazing Hoops is a very funny and addictive game where you have to make the maximum number of hoops and try to be in the leaderboard. Of course, you have a bonus : the Alley-Hoop when you shot succesively. Also if you make a defined number of hoops in a row, the ball flame up and you’ll be able to increase the multiplicator of your score !
The goal is to make a maximum of hoops in 2 minutes. For this, you have to :1) Click left mouse button to start dragging the ball trajectory 2) Ater that, you'll be able to drag the ball trajectory to prepare the shoot3) Release the mouse button to shot the ball with the predefined trajectory.The Alley-Hoop allows you to "reshot" in the air when, for exemple, you missed your shot. For that, just do the same as for simples shots. You have to make a number of succesive hoops. You have 2 sec to do a Alley Hoop, materialized by the ring around the ball. Alley Hoops are allowed only in the zone printed on the ground.The Blazing Ball is when the ball Flame Up. It allow you to add a score multiplier for the next shot you'll do. Each hoops increases the multiplier. The ball is blazing for 20 seconde and can flame up 1 time per game.
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: mouse

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