Blitz Re-fuelled! introduction

Blitz Re-fuelled!

Blitz Re-fuelled!

Added: 2011-05-23

Developer: claphamd
Category: Action
Tags: bounce out blitz bomb blitz blockade blitz game gem blitz game card blitz 21 blitz bombing game
Inspired by the Vic 20 version of Blitz where you're running low on fuel and there is no place to land other than the deserted city below, this is a simple, fresh update to the timeless classic that 8bitflashcan have previously re-created. Choose one of two aircraft each with unique properties and drop bombs to flatten the skyscrapers so that you can land your aeroplane safely. Each subsequent city is higher than the last and clouds will start to hinder your progress further on too!
Left click or press space to release bombs.Use "P" to pause gameplay and "M" to mute.
Control Scheme:
Space: Release bomb
M: Toggle mute
P: Pause
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: na

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