Bonkers Conkers introduction

Bonkers Conkers

Bonkers Conkers

Added: 2011-06-21

Developer: oopjoe
Category: Action
Help Colonel Conk and the Bonkers Brigade protect their homes from the greedy squirrels in this smash hit game from the guys who brought you Flyball Champ™ Bonkers Conkers takes place on the shore of Nutingham forest where, armed with your trusty slingshot and array of cheeky conkers you must sling, parachute, and explode your way through 20 puzzling levels in a world of physics and fun!
To charge the slingshot click, hold and pull back with your mouse. Move your cursor to change the direction of your shot. Release to fire!Once airborne release the chute by clicking. Move your cursor left and right to maneuver your conker.Use your reticule to line up your shot, then click to shoot towards the target!Aim for the greedy squirrels! You need to take them all out to complete the levels!Collect the stars for big points!Don't run out of time!
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: mouse

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