Chains of Primes introduction

Chains of Primes

Chains of Primes

Added: 2010-08-20

Developer: Wadeck
Category: Puzzles
Tags: pirate chains help play pirate chains pirate chains arcade
The goal is to combine the blocks to get prime numbers. When a prime number is found, the blocks will explode and drop those above which can in turn train primes and so on.There are 4 modes:- original mode : no limit, for training- timed mode : you have 45s to make the biggest score you can, you'll get time bonus for each primes- survival mode : the time to make a move is decreasing, if you don't made a move when the time is elapsed, the game is over- 501 mode : like darts, you need to decrease the score to zero
Click with the left button of the mouse on the triangles at the top of the screen to insert the blocks
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na

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