ColorBallz introduction



Added: 2010-03-07

Developer: Triqui
Category: Action
Click and hold the mouse to create a growing colored ball.The first ball is always RED, the second one is always GREEN. The 3rd one is CYAN.Then RED again, and so on.While the ball is growing, it can't touch:* Boundaries* White bouncing balls* Other colored ballsYOU WILL LOSE A LIFEYou have a limited amount of lives and balls to fill the required percentage of the stage.If you run out of balls or lives, it's GAME OVERThe greater the ball, the higher the score. You'll get special bonuses for:* Finishing a level in a short time* Saving as much lives as you can* Saving as much balls as you can... and above all...FILLING A LEVEL WITH SIMILAR RED, GREEN AND CYAN PERCENTAGE
Mouse to create and move balls
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na


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