Corovan: The Game introduction

Corovan: The Game

Corovan: The Game

Added: 2008-05-21

Developer: Crio
Category: Action
Tags: scary maze game 3 flash game n game 3 game 1 :the game: best game ever game 9 n game 2 game 2 game one a game
Build the towers! Get money!You got 3 unique worlds with its very own inhabitants and units. Think you're hardcore gamer? Build as little towers as you can, use the manula aiming and combine different battle modes. Wanna relax? Just build the tower along the way and enjoy.Have fun!P.S> New update! Incredible gameplay with music right now!
Rules and controls: - Click on the map to build a tower or an upgrade. - No building could be based on the caravan's path. - Two twers are couldn't be built to close. - There are different upgrades available on the right panel (for cash). - More detail description of the upgrades could be found in ingame tooltips. - It is possible to lock tower on a target by clicking the tower first and the target then. - If the target is in range of attack it will be attacked, random closest targets would be attacked otherwise. - Some upgrades could be activated for some sorht periods. - Whole additional ammo is limitedHints:1) The more towers you build, the less money you get from one unit 2) Tumbleweeds, rats, rabbits could bemet on the battlefield. They are passive targets too.3) It is not necessary to make a superpostion of the towers. Try to spread the towers along the road.4) Using some additional upgrades, such as improved ammo gives you more cash5) Sometimes locking the target of the tower manually is very usefull6) Want to feel the rush? Just try to combine the Berserk and Sniper modes at the same time!
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: mouse

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