D10FP72HRGCE introduction



Added: 2010-12-05

Developer: bbastudios
Category: Shooting
Story:The Evil Heart Federation is invading and you're on the run in your bucket-o-bolts cargo ship.Thankfully you installed a high-powered laser turret just last week!Hopefully you can survive this invasion....Summary:Simple space shooter developed in just under 60 hours over the course of a little less than 3 days by one man.This game was developed as an entry to the first ever FlashPunk Game Competition.
Game ControlsUse the W,A,S,D or arrow keys to move your ship, and use the Z,X,C,V, or Spacebar keys to fire your sole turret.Press P or ESC key to pause.Menu ControlsUse the mouse and click on the buttons to navigate.When faced with only one menu button, you can press a fire button to continue.
Control Scheme:
fire: space
jump: na
movement: arrow

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