Defense And Eat: I Can Eat Everything! introduction

Defense And Eat: I Can Eat Everything!

Defense And Eat: I Can Eat Everything!

Added: 2011-01-07

Developer: dosmoyi
Category: Strategy
Tags: eat fishy! eat! i want eat eat sonic eat coffee just eat restaurant eat restaurant eat food rabbits eat turnip eat burger king eat taco bell
In order to protect the town and citizens , Try your best to catch and eat the monsters! Stop them from rushing into the town........Bite them!!!
Mouse to move; Key "p" to pause/resume game.Left mouse key to release first skill (after learned); Spacebar to release second skill(after learned)
Control Scheme:
Left Mouse Key: Release First Skill
SpaceBar: Release Second Skill
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: mouse
p: Pause/Resume

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