Dunces And Dragons introduction

Dunces And Dragons

Dunces And Dragons

Added: 2010-10-26

Developer: puzzlesC
Category: Adventure
Tags: dragons dragons -1 dungeons and dragons pictures of dragons dragons coloring pages
Remember the colorful pictures, the faces of cute characters naughty cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants it? The game, whose real name is called "fool the dragon to save the whale princess", the main character that is animated in the figures, it spent riding a dragon fighting a fool. Support doubles game, players can take risks with friends and defeat all enemies, through all levels, to save the beautiful princess of whales.
Hit the enemy, the release of the skills to attack the enemy, pick up bonus items, the rapid clearance.
Control Scheme:
Player 1:  Keyboard ↑ ↓ ← → Move, Enter put skills; Player 2:  SEF keys to move, spacebar to put skills. Attack:  hit the enemy, the enemy hit the top of the best available results. The release of a special jellyfish to consume.

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