Elevens Shells introduction

Elevens Shells

Elevens Shells

Added: 2010-06-14

Developer: cybersersupremo
Category: Puzzles
Tags: shells pictures of shells bubble shells types of shells names of shells shells gas station shells credit card
Elevens shells is the best puzzle and educational game in the app store.Elevens Shells is a remake of the classic card game Elevens.Your objective in this game is make a combination with the shells that add up to ELEVEN.Make the combination faster to make combos and multiply your score.In this remake you have 6 different levels to make the game more fun and difficult for the expert and intelligent users, because each level is more difficult than the before level.
You must create combinations with the shells that add up to 11.If you not can make any combination press the 30 conch and get new shell.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse

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