Fat Cats Angels 2 introduction

Angels are just fat cats Nitrome sets out recommended action and shooting as one of the adventure game, players control the game cute fat cats used their bows and arrows to fight monsters for each level of risk, in addition to the use of force, the players also need to brains to be successful, while the arrow shot to the props can be used as their own, players can also play games for two people. The same integrated MochiCoins (Mochiads virtual currency), players can buy extra levels, or even two double arrow skin.
Single games can also be double, control fat cat shot to blame, do not touch the blame Oh, and customs clearance.
Control Scheme:
Keyboard operation, a single person:  the arrow keys to control movement, Ctrl, or the space bar shooting; Double:  1P:  W, A, S, D control of movement, F or G shooting. 2P:  the arrow keys to control movement, Ctrl, or the space bar shooting.

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