Fortress of Fantasm/幻想の要塞 introduction

Fight your way through the randomly generated Fortress of Fantasm. Gather 5 keys and defeat the boss at the end, while beating down as many monsters as you can.任意に発生させた幻想の要塞を通してあなたの方法を戦いなさい。 できると同様に多くのモンスターの下で打っている間5つのキーを集め、端に主任を敗北させなさい。
Controls: Arrows/WASD = move; left, left or right, right to dash; Z/J = Attack; press repeatedly, press with forward button or while dashing for different variations; hold down while mana is available to Manastrike; Spacebar = Start game; pick up items; hold down to pass through doors; 1/2 = Switch character; 1 for spellblade, 2 for amazon; Shift/P = Pause; check map; press Space on pause screen to use a potion, if available;
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na


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