Freak Quiz introduction

Its a Videogame Questions about Videogames :)Features:----------------- +1400 questions- 19 types of questions- 3 Modes of Difficulty: Normal, L33t(All the vocals are numbers) and Freak(The questions are translated in Esperanto)- 4+1 Languajes Availables (Spanish, English, Italian, French and Esperanto).- First game translated to the "Esperanto" languaje- Great options of Viral expansion
Select your questions language and Play Game. Choose the correct answer for the questions.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse

chinese chess

Cat Litter Woman


Xiangqi II

Gorillaz Tiles

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Norway nature pachinko

Carom Billiard

Internet Mahjong

mouse skills

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Hardest Sexy Girl Puzzle

Undress me - Female version

Sajilo Carrom Board


Nyx Game Queen's Blade

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