Freudian-Wars: Dream Rebellion introduction

Sigmund Freud is trapped in a crazy dream. You, as the newest member of the Dream Rebellion have the assignment to help him escape his nightmare.Navigate Sigmund through 12 Stages of colourful cartoon madness, upgrade his abilities & special powers and earn trophies for your skillful playing. But beware, your enemys have powerful special shoots that can change your size and speed and let you bounce around like you were in a padded cell.
Controls:WASD or Arrow-Keys for navigation, SPACE for shooting Cigars, 1 or z for “Healing Power-Up”, 2 or x for “Nuke Power-Up” ,3 or c for “Shield Power-Up”, p to pause
Control Scheme:
1: “Healing Power-Up”
2: “Blastwave Power-Up”
3: “Shield Power-Up”
c: “Healing Power-Up”
fire: space
jump: na
movement: arrow
x: “Blastwave Power-Up”
z: “Healing Power-Up”

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