Furyman Protect and Serve introduction

A new superhero is born, his name: FurymanToday he has a lot to do with a gang of thieves called the Chilly.They are armed, dangerous and also use flying men to protect them in their misdeeds.They have just stripped the bank of Noland City (your city) and taken flight over the rooftops of the city.You Furyman, decide to terminate the actions of these thugs. There's no pity, you're not the kind of hero who doesn't aim to shed blood ... No, the only way to combat vermin is to destroy it.No need to use your super powers today, you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal ...Noland City needs protection ... Will you measure up?
Z to jumpC to reloadShift : wepaon switchAIM left : sprint
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: mouse


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