I-Bomb! introduction



Added: 2011-09-30

Developer: virtuaman
Category: Adventure
Tags: bomb bomb rabbit h bomb the bomb bomb it 4 bomb it 5 bomb it 3 bomb it 1 bomb a bomb bomb it bomb it 2
Oh NO I-Bomb!! Bomb-QT has been kidnapped! You must save her !!!Originally on the Iphone and IOS devices, Nineteen95 has ported I-Bomb! to the computer!Now instead of using the unique control of the Iphone, you can use your mouse!Just drag I-Bomb! around the screen collecting items to avoid explosion, destroy AngryBomb and save your kidnapped lover!Have Fun!Please if you wish to support myself you can help me out by clicking the link on the main screen and downloading the game for your ipod or ipad or iphone! Thanks!
Use your mouse to move I-Bomb! around the screen. Avoid projectiles and collect items to stay alive. Have Fun.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse

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