Kebab Krazy introduction

Kebab Krazy

Kebab Krazy

Added: 2009-10-21

Developer: doofworld
Category: Action
Tags: krazy kar game krazy car game krazy keys game kebab van help kebab van flash kebab van game kebab stand game
Statistically, 50% of all restaurants fail in their first year. Don't be another statistic, do it properly. Sure, there may be more sensible, safer ways of preparing these popular Mediterranean meat dishes, but health and safety is for wusses. Complete your customers order by impaling the correct floating ingredients in the correct order, or your kebab house is gonna turn into a hell-house! Chilli sauce boss?
catch the kebab ingredients by moving left and right with the arrow keys!
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: arrow


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