Kung Fu Panda World : Legend of the Wu Sisters introduction

Kung Fu Panda World : Legend of the Wu Sisters

Kung Fu Panda World : Legend of the Wu Sisters

Added: 2010-03-05

Developer: antfarmjason
Category: Action
Tags: kung fu legend kung fu panda kung fu panda toys kung fu panda characters kung fu panda movies kung fu panda games kung fu panda game kung fu kung fu fight kung fu weapons
The third Wu Sister has been captured by Tai Lung and it’s up to you to free her! Navigate the other two sisters up, down, and across dangerous terrain and gather the magic scrolls as they make their way to rescue their sister.
Use the two Wu sisters to gather scrolls (keep one under you to catch it as it falls) and jump up and down with your mouse button to dodge the boulders and other enemies.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: left_mouse
movement: mouse

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