Majapahit War 3-kendedes kidnapping introduction

Majapahit War 3-kendedes kidnapping

Majapahit War 3-kendedes kidnapping

Added: 2009-06-19

Developer: ceilbleu
Category: Fighting
Tags: war civil war second war brotherhood of war prince of war robot war war at taurus armored war stars war ultimate war beetle war
Game description:Hanoman know they cant defeating you just using their army power.hanoman finding to know what your weakness?woman..yes..woman..your queen!Hanoman sending their "faceless malingsy", the tief team to take your queen.beware of their speed!they are elite and they have no face.
Game instruction:add +1 damage: -10exp, damage max=99add +1 life: -7expspawn +1 hero: -10expevery kill gain +1 expevery success entering enemy base gain +1exp
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: na


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