Metal Farm introduction

you are a gnome.Dig in the dirt.Harvest metal crops.Learn new spells.Gain 1000 mana to win.
0-9 number keys cast spellsclicking on spell slots opens the spell binding menucast a spell effectively 5 times to learn the next one.(mana is only drained if the spell is considered effective)dig and architect your tunnels to support the different types of plants.plants need light and/or water to can only water during the day.if you run out of mana or get low on health, jump in the blue healing pool.if your cargo bay is full, jump in the red melting pool (careful its too hot for you too.)run and fly with the arrow keys.aim spells downward with the down can only cast while grounded and standing still.
Control Scheme:
0-9: cast Spells
click spell slot: unknown
fire: na
jump: up
movement: arrow

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