Mig 29 mini introduction

Mig 29 mini

Mig 29 mini

Added: 2011-11-02

Developer: RedBlack
Category: Action
Tags: b-29 b-29 superfortress mini t mini used mini mini go kart mini putt 4 mini tanks mini train mini putt 5
Now is the time that your country needs you. Enemies are attaching. They have destroyed most of the Air Force, You have survived. Its time to serve your country.
Use "Space bar" to fire, "Z" for bomb, "X" for missile, "C" for power missile.There are several power ups to collect.
Control Scheme:
C: power bomb
Down Arrow: Move downwards
Left Arrow: Move left
Right Arrow: Move right
Space bar: Gun fire
Up Arrow: Move upwards
X: missile
Z: bomb
fire: space
jump: na
movement: arrow

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