MoeJackson's Bastardly Lady of the Day: Abby introduction

"I would like to be considered for your "Bastardly Lady of the Day" as I think I might just have what it takes ;-) plus I would look totally hot in one of your vests! Ok so here goes;""I'm Abby, 21 from U.K, I love to live life to the full and can be a little wild sometimes!"Q: Which female celebrity would you go lesbian for?A: "Definatly Megan Fox, Holly Madison, Eva Mendez, Dita Von Teese & Eliza Dushku or is that a bit greedy?"Q: "Do you like your boobs?"A: "Yeah I have had no complaints so far ;-)"Q: "Would you sleep with a dude the age of your grandpa for $3,000,000?"A: "Yes, Give me a bottle of vodka & a blindfold (for me not him)."Q: Have guys ever said you look like a particular celebrity to try get in your pants?A: "Yes Cheryl Cole & Sandra Bullock weirdly, who do you think???"Q: Do you have a most or/and least favorite former Bastardly Lady of the Day?A: "My fav is Witney for bringing up the brilliant point that no one is brave enough to apply. She's my inspiration haha ;-)"Q: What makes you Bastardly?A: "I am a hardcore fan of the sight and I think being brave enough to post my pictures on here makes me pretty damn bastardly! "
Use the mouse to complete the puzzles
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse

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