Mr Agnry Faic 3 introduction

Mr Agnry Faic 3

Mr Agnry Faic 3

Added: 2009-11-19

Developer: MrRandomist
Category: Other
Tags: angry faic game mr. t mr. t facts mr. t costumes mr. t soundboard mr. t snickers mr. t costume mr. t wig mr. t mask mr penguin
Collect Faics to gain matches and try to get the high score!3 different modes Classic, Paint'em and Timed.
Use either the Mouse or Arrow Keys to move your Char (Defualt is Mouse)and to change your Faic's Colour press A S D or Ffor Yellow Blue Green or Red
Control Scheme:
A Key: Change to Yellow
D Key: Change to Green
Down Arrow Key: Move Down
F Key: Change to Red
Left Arrow Key: Move Left
Right Arrow Key: Move Right
S Key: Change to Blue
Up Arrow Key: Move Up
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse


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