President Evil: for a nation introduction

President Evil: for a nation

President Evil: for a nation

Added: 2012-01-18

Developer: DessIntress
Category: Action
Tags: league of evil evil nights the evil bird evil asteroids the nation evil space station zombie evil 3d pet nation live nation zombie nation download
This game is a survival-horror with (mutant) zombies and boss wave. Requires at least 2GB RAM. Chrome recommended. - - -SPOILER:You struggle in 10 waves by a contaminated multi-storey car park. To conclude a wave, you must kill 4 Berserks. Per wave the number rises by 4. With every wave the zombie's number drastically increases. Find the best tactics to survive all 10 waves and uses regularly your power ups. The last wave is a BOSS WAVE!
Control Scheme:
Break off power ups: Shift
Pause: Pause
Quit: ESC
fire: space
jump: na
movement: arrow

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