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Added: 2011-10-15

Developer: tedgaming
Category: Shooting
Tags: pro games fishing pro dj pro turbo pro 3 pro computer dow pro pool pro pro search flex pro pro rally 2
PRO-R is a very addicting vertical shooter. Earn money, buy new weapons, and compare your insanely high scores with your friends online. Over 4 difficulties and 30 achievements will keep players coming back again and again.PRO-R features 7 unique weapons for players to mix and match using a 3-weapon system. With multiple difficulties available, there will always be a challenge awaiting you even when you've upgraded your weapons to be many times stronger!There is enough challenge and reward in this game to easily last for 20+ hours of gameplay.
Instructions available in option menu.Controls:Type Aup: up arrowleft: left arrowdown: down arrowright: right arrowz: primary weaponx: second weaponc: third weaponv: shooting all 3 weaponsb: bombspace: pauseTypeBup: wleft: adown: sright: d,: primary weapon.: second weapon/: third weaponsm: shooting all 3 weaponsn: bombspace: pause
Control Scheme:
arrow keys: movement
b: bomb
fire: na
jump: na
movement: arrow
space: select / pause
v: fire all weapons


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