Rage Of The Dragon 2 introduction

"Choose one from the 3 dragon and run rampage through europe, play 15 level and upgrade your dragon with special attack to help you bring enemy down"3 Dragons to choose :1. y Drai Goch : Fire dragon from welsh.2. Graiule : Ice dragon.3. Ouroborosh : Thunder dragon. ( to unlocked this, you must completed the game with other two dragon )15 Level to GO...included 4 Hidden level ( completed the game with two other dragon to unlock )
Destroy All enemy & buildingHint :1.Use q to change quality at Game if your game response too slowly2.Use tab to change attack3.do not hurry to destroy all enemies.4.Use special attack's in a horde of enemies because the special attacks have time to recharge5. Building HP automatically reduced if attacked by Fire/Thunder Attack , but if you attacked with ice based attack, you must attack repeatedly
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: wasd
wasd: movement

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