Ragnarok Endurance Arena introduction

Ragnarok Endurance Arena

Ragnarok Endurance Arena

Added: 2008-03-27

Developer: sidewindr
Category: Strategy
Tags: ninja quest ragnarok arena robot arena 3 naruto arena 3 avatar arena 2 avatar arena help metal arena metal arena 2 ball arena metal arena 3
A never-ending series of battles against stronger and stronger enemies. Raise your stats, learn new abilities, buy items in order to outlast them. Build your hero and defeat as many enemies as you can. Test your endurance!
Click on the buttons on the bottom of the game screen to perform a number of different moves and abilities. While in the Character Status screen, click on the buttons to increase corresponding stats and skills. Buy equipment and other items before each successive battle with money earned from previous encounters. Choosing the best combination of skills, stats and items and when to use them in battle will determine how far you get into the game.
Control Scheme:
F1: Attack
F2: Defend
F3: Bash
F4: Provoke
F5: Heal
F6: Quicken
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse

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