Shuriken Showdown introduction

Shuriken Showdown

Shuriken Showdown

Added: 2010-02-16

Developer: Alex-DyadGames
Category: Shooting
Tags: pixel showdown 2 shuriken escape 2 shuriken escape
Throw shurikens, smash targets and unleash kunai in this fun skill/puzzle game! Features 40 levels and a limitless shuriken mode.
The objective is to hit all of the targets on screen, but the 'Gong' must be the last target hit. Use your Mouse to aim. Click & hold the mouse button to charge your throw. Release the mouse button to unleash a shuriken! Try using shields and kunai to reach other targets. Use the marks on the arrow pointer to help you recall shots!
Control Scheme:
M: Mute
Mouse Click: Throw Shuriken
Mouse Move: Adjust Aim
Q: Quality
R: Restart
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na

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