Smashtastic Cricket : World Cup Hero introduction

Smashtastic Cricket : World Cup Hero

Smashtastic Cricket : World Cup Hero

Added: 2011-02-15

Developer: miniBoss
Category: Sports
Tags: world cup usa world cup 2011 world cup 2012 world cup world cup pax world cup princess world cup 1994 hot world cup world cup africa 2010 world cup
Smashtastic Cricket is a fast paced arcade style cricket game with RPG elements. You create a batter and play through his career over 6 World Cups. Your player gains experience by scoring runs and winning games. As your player levels up his skills increase making him a better batter.
Hold Down Arrow Keys to direct your shot then press one of the swing buttons.Z= Defensive ShotX= Ground Smash ShotC= Air Smash Shot
Control Scheme:
c: Air Smash
fire: na
jump: na
movement: arrow
x: Ground Smash
z: Defensive Shot


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