Sqwarking Sqwarrots introduction

Sqwarking Sqwarrots

Sqwarking Sqwarrots

Added: 2011-04-18

Developer: darwinjerome
Category: Adventure
Peter the Sqwarrot often gets lost on his way home when he flies above the Sqwungle Trees. Sometimes he gets so lost, he ends up flying through the chaotic Sqwarking Sqwarrot Sqwabbles! Help Peter the Sqwarrot fly avoiding the Sqwarking Sqwarrots.Check out www.sqwishland.com for more Sqwishy fun!
Click the left mouse button to fly up.Do not hit the Sqwarking Sqwarrots.Reach Peter the Sqwarrot's home to win.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: mouse

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