Stargate - Time to Sacrifice introduction

Stargate - Time to Sacrifice

Stargate - Time to Sacrifice

Added: 2010-04-03

Developer: eLem3ntx
Category: Action
Tags: time time goes by dressup time time mine mine time inc time mind time brain time soul 20 time all time billboard
Play as a soldier from Stargate SG1 and destroy all the replicators on the enemy ship.You are on a Goa'uld Ha'tak ship and you have to escape. The only problem is, the ship is crowded with replicators. You have to destroy them all.3 weapon types: P90, Zat and Staff
Control Scheme:
1,2 and 3: weapons
E: Use
STRG: Duck
fire: left_mouse
jump: space
movement: wasd

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