Stealth Prowler introduction

Stealth Prowler

Stealth Prowler

Added: 2011-12-13

Developer: Fightclub
Category: Driving
Tags: b-2 stealth bomber ninja game stealth
American scientists have developed a stealth capability for their standard military off-road vehicles.Your mission, test the stealth system, and if successful, undertake a series of missions deep into enemy territory.Warning: The stealth effect fails in daylight, so all missions must be carried out at night.
TOP SECRET EYES ONLY -- HAVE DEVISED STEALTH SYSTEM FOR SMALL VEHICLE STOP RECOMMEND FIELD TRIALS START URGENTLY STOP END MESSAGEArrow keys or W,A,S,D to steer, accelerate and brake.Q or Home to fire primary weapon.E or PgUp to fire secondary weapon.
Control Scheme:
E: Fire 2
Home: Fire 1
PgUp: Fire 2
Q: Fire 1
fire: na
jump: na
movement: wasd


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