Sudd City Headband Poker introduction

Sudd City Headband Poker

Sudd City Headband Poker

Added: 2012-01-28

Developer: UltraRat
Category: Casino
Tags: poker poker 2 poker online download poker aces up poker poker star dice poker die poker best poker patience poker game
In this unique version of poker, every player is dealt a card to put on their forehead. The goal is to have the highest card; bet or check like normal poker if you think yours is the highest, and fold (or bluff!) if you don’t. You win if your card is higher than all other players.Some tips:-Every character has a unique personality – some are easier to bluff than others!-Ties go to suit order: spades > hearts > diamonds > clubs
Mouse only – click on the bet, fold or call button when it’s your turn to do that action. If you fold, you can use the skip button to see the winner.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na

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