The Arcade introduction

This game is a collection of mini games which you might find in an arcade, all free!Includes:"Stop at 1000" machineGrabber machineTower stacker machineCoin drop gameHelicopter gamePongRacing gameShooting gameWhack-A-MoleYou start off with just the top three games, then unlock the rest as you progress.After playing all of the games, you unlock a "special mystery prize"
In game
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: na

chinese chess

Norway nature pachinko


Cat Litter Woman


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Carom Billiard

Xiangqi II

Internet Mahjong

mouse skills

Spite Cannon

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Hardest Sexy Girl Puzzle

Undress me - Female version

Sajilo Carrom Board


Nyx Game Queen's Blade

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