Toader introduction



Added: 2009-05-05

Developer: user_poth
Category: Adventure
Toader is a game that I made to replace the Frogger game I lost. I wanted to play Frogger, but couldn't; thus Toader was born. Toader is basically Frogger dressed up as a toad -- but really, it makes so much more sense than Frogger, frogs can swim, why does Frogger die when he falls into the water? well, with Toader it all makes sense... I hope you can appreciate Toader as it is my first ever published game. I used all of my own sounds and graphics and it took a while. So, if you like oldschool game art and cheesy sound effects, then Toader is the game for you!
Use the mouse to press buttons when they're on screen.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Use the arrow keys or the A, W, S, D keys to move.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Use P to pause the game and use O to unpause it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Collect the five toads on the other side of the river to advance a level. Collect 10,000 points to unlock the BONUS LEVEL. Yes, there is a bonus level.
Control Scheme:
fire: na
jump: na
movement: wasd


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