Transporter introduction

Side scrolling game where play as an helicopter and fly around the level searching for people to save, and then you lower the lift rope and lift the person, after that you fly back to the helipad to unload the saved person.You'll lose health by colliding with the terrain or by being hit by enemy artillery projectiles.On the Settings menu you can show or hide the FPS (Frames per Second) counter and you can also change the Visual Quality (from the default High to Medium and then to Low).At any given time you can mute or unmute the audio output of the game by clicking a sound button on the top right corner of the interface.
The helicopter can only take 4 people at a time, and can be repaired by landing on the helipad or by rope lifting health packages around some maps.Controls:W A S D - Movement keys or directional keysSpace - Lower the ropeX - Flip the helicopter from left to right or right to leftP - Pause the game
Control Scheme:
P: Pause the game
Space: Lower the rope
WASD or Arrow keys: Movement
X: Flip the direction of the helicopter
fire: space
jump: na
movement: wasd


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