Wizard & Wizard introduction

Protect you magic castle from enemies in arcade-like defense game.You wizards may accumulate the energy to be able to upgrade the castle. Build additional towers, create crystals to improve wizards or towers might.***v 1.2 * 4 kind of bonuses * 8 kind of enemies * 6 tower slots * 2 wizard slots * 3 kind of tower upgrades * 2 kind of wizard upgrades * 3 kind of crystal * 2 game modes:Basic Mode (12 enemy waves, easy)Survival Mode (hard)***changes in v 1.2:increased wizards meditation speed, Drain Power and Enigma get 2 power for hit, early waves in Basic Mode becomes short, bird sound changed, add shield animation for easy to understand ground mechanic.
use mouse to shot or change wizard position.press menu button to get access to castle upgrades.(read Help in main menu)Remember:when your wizards are resting at the foot of the tower, they regenerate their power.when your wizards are resting at the ground, they automatically touch and kill ground enemy.
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: na

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