Zombies hit the road introduction

Zombies hit the road

Zombies hit the road

Added: 2010-05-26

Developer: Achyut
Category: Action
Tags: hit the road zombies hit that! zombies 2 hit the rack hit the dot 3d hit hit the target hit the books zombies game
Make your player shoot, and throw grenades at the zombies. Your player should reach his residence before his health becomes zero.
Zombies (the brain dead fools) attack your player who is walking on the road.Your player shoots automatically at them. Use RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys to make your player to turn in right/left directions. If your player drifts to the edge of the road use the above keys to make him hit the road again. Press and drag the grenades with the mouse to hit the zombies. If the zombies hit your player his health gets reduced by 1%. If his health becomes zero the game ends. You win the game if your player reaches his house, before his health becomes zero.
Control Scheme:
fire: left_mouse
jump: na
movement: arrow

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