Zyraxxus introduction



Added: 2009-04-08

Developer: Whirled
Category: Shooting
Zyraxxus is a multiplayer shoot-em-up game set in deep space!Each player controls a ship and competes to shoot and destroy all the other ships in a free-for-all shootout. There are four ships to choose from - each with its own unique characteristics. All ships have a primary blaster and a secondary weapon. The primary weapon recharges quickly while the secondary recharges more slowly.
SHIPS, POWERUPS, & RADARWasp* Medium speed, armor, and maneuverability* Shot powerup to triple shot* Photon Torpedo as secondary weaponRhino* High-damage shots; good armor; slow maneuverability* Shot powerup to dual missiles* Short-range forward warp as secondary weaponSaucer* High speed and maneuverability; low armor* Shot powerup to faster-firing autotrack laser* Mine laying capability as secondary weaponRaptor* High shot density at close range; medium speed and armor; slower maneuverability* Shot powerup to longer-range wave shots* Manual shield control as secondary weaponPowerups* Shot Powerup - improves your ship's primary blaster* Engine Powerup - increases your ship's thrusters* Shield Powerup - your ship will be shielded from a set amount of damage before the ship is destroyed* Health Powerup - replenishes your ship's health and gives your a small amount of secondary weapon charge.RadarYour ship is equipped with a radar. Your ship is always the bright spot in the center of the radar. The box around your location represents everything you can see on screen. Powerups appear as green blips and enemy ships as red blips on the radar.
Control Scheme:
Shift or B: Secondary weapon
fire: space
jump: na
movement: arrow


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